Traces (Huellas) Collage-Illustration

In life, as in everything, we must think about the things we do with our lives to mark. Recently I finished one of my classes and I wondered what knowledge I left, which was the reference that something had been learned, so I pointed out to my students that they had to write what they learned and ask how they could use it in everyday life, the answer? A lot of different points of views, but all I could there was that there’s a trail that was something that was marked.

I love to illustrate, although I’m an architect-Urban planner, I understand that is the primary form of expression of feelings, so whenever something happens, I take the time to analyze it and from there to get something that might happen later, so I think that each illustration, each collage, leaves its own mark , its own trace.

I look forward to making every day more and more traces (positive ones) in other people lives! =)

Volaras pero dejaras huellas

Traces (2012) © JulsLopez Copyright


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